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Counselor's Corner


Michelle Ogles, Counselor
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Why Elementary School Counselors?

“Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies and expanding opportunities. To help ensure they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizens, every student needs support, guidance and opportunities during childhood, a time of rapid growth and change. Children face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement."

– “Toward a Blueprint for Youth: Making Positive Youth Development a National Priority,” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Elementary School Counselors provide the following
services via a comprehensive counseling program:
  • Academic support, including organizational, study and test-taking skills, transition plans
  • Goal setting and decision-making
  • College/Career awareness, exploration and planning
  • Education on understanding self and others 
    Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
  • Communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Personal safety education
  • Multicultural/diversity awareness
  • Individual and small-group counseling
  • Individual/family/school crisis intervention
  • Conflict resolution
  • Consultation/collaboration with parents, teachers and administration
  • Referrals as necessary
  • One-on-one parent conferencing
  • Interpretation of assessment results
  • At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success
  • Programs implementation designed to enhance school climate
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Crisis intervention

Week One - Punctual: Being there at the right time, making the effort to arrive on time each time; …ice cream is a dish best eaten on time.

Week Two – Prompt: to be on time, move quickly, and be at my best. “Don’t be stuck in the mud, be prompt! “

Week Three – Ready: To in all ways, be prepared for Action.

Week Four – Responsible: no excuses, you can count on me, being ready, doing my assignments, chores, and duties on time and promptly.

Week Five – Respect: I show consideration to others and place a high value on them. Take a few minutes to write a letter to an older person you respect, telling them why you respect them.

Week Six – Dependable: you can rely on me, I do what I say, being responsible. “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Week Seven – Obedience: following the rules, following teachers and parent’s directions promptly. “No rules, then no order.”

Week Eight – Self-Control: you are in charge of choosing the right thing to do… you are in charge of your behavior, your thinking and your feelings.

Week Nine – Courage: meeting danger, pain, difficulty and fear with determination to do the right thing even when it’s hard, scary or may not go the way you want it to.

Week Ten – Truthfulness: be correct and accurate in everything you say. Telling the truth can be difficult at times, but it is worth it.

Week Eleven – Honesty: Honesty is more than just speaking the truth. It’s doing things that that are truthful like choosing your own answers on the test, turning in money or other items that you find that aren’t yours. Lying, cheating, stealing are always wrong. Just because everyone else does it does not make it right.

Week Twelve – Kindness: always being friendly, gentle and generous to others. It takes great strength of character to show kindness to everyone.

Week Thirteen – Thankfulness: having a great appreciation for all your abilities, gifts, talents and what others do for you, even the small things.

Week Fourteen – Generosity: freely giving to others from your talents, abilities, and material possessions. True generosity comes from your heart. Generosity means to give without expecting anything in return.

Week Fifteen – Goodwill: thinking positive thoughts about others, life, and circumstances. Willing to act in a kind way towards others and think kindly of them even if others think they don’t deserve it.

Week Sixteen – Joyfulness: showing happiness and delight in all things, even when things seem bad or things are not going the way you want them too. Joy isn’t just a feeling it’s what you choose.

Week Seventeen – Patience: Always value the gift of time and do not wish it would pass faster. In the words of a well- known song, “You’re gonna miss this.” Value the people and circumstances you have today and don’t wish for tomorrow to hurry up and get here.

Week Eighteen – Cooperation: working together will help you achieve and accomplish more than by working alone. Take advantage of all the opportunities you have each day to cooperate with others.

Week Nineteen – Tolerance: being patient and understanding with those who do not share your beliefs or opinions. We’re all different and it’s important to respect those differences even when we do not agree on things.

Week Twenty – Consideration: always showing that you appreciate and respect the feelings, needs and property of others. Consideration is thinking of others first, before thinking of yourself.

Week Twenty-one – Uniqueness: one of a kind, different, special. We are all unique and special. Size, shape, color do not matter.

Week Twenty-two – Patriotism: to believe in, support, honor and be involved with the government of our country. To show respect for our government by voting in elections; to show respect for our flag by standing and saluting during the Pledge, to show respect by learning and appreciating the history of our country and choosing activates that make our country a better place.

Week Twenty-three – Citizenship: to now and do the duties that serve our county and exercising the rights we have as citizens in this country.

Week Twenty-four – Loyalty: giving allegiance to and committing yourself to something or someone you believe in, no matter how hard things seem.

Week Twenty-five – Polite: Always showing good manners to everyone, being respectful of others, animals and property. Use polite words – please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me… “Treat others the way you want others to treat you.”

Week Twenty-six – Initiative: Initiative is staying completely focused on whatever your task is; initiative is the force inside that energizes us.

Week Twenty-seven – Self-Reliance: being responsible and doing your best no matter what, taking charge of yourself and your stuff without always expecting others to take care of you.

Week Twenty-eight – Perseverance: staying on task and doing the right thing even when it’s hard and things happen that make it very difficult. Daily, obstacles and problems happen that can discourage us and make us feel like giving up, perseverance is the strength inside that helps us stick with it no matter what.

Week Twenty-nine – Sportsmanship: behaving generously and kindly whether you win or lose. Shaquille O’Neal made the following quote, “Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.” Think about how this relates to sportsmanship.

Week Thirty – Self-Discipline: this means to stay completely focused on the task at hand and to take control of your emotions and your behavior, to act with determination.

Week Thirty-one – Independence: having the determination to try things alone; the confidence to try something new and willingness to risk trying and failing.

Week Thirty-two – Resourcefulness: means you are creative in finding solutions; you use everything available to help your cause and you take effective and imaginative action to solve a problem.

Week Thirty-three – Cleanliness: doing your best to keep your body, your desk, your clothes and your room, anything that belongs to you, neat, orderly, spotless, without dirt or bad smells. When you are clean and organized you look and feel the best about yourself.

Week Thirty-four – Courtesy: to value others and show them their value by treating them with respect and kindness.

Week Thirty-five – Fairness: to always give and expect from others an honest and correct response, to treat everyone the same, to follow the rules and have the same rules for everyone.

Week Thirty-six – Confidence: to be sure of yourself, to believe in yourself, to think and know you can do whatever good things you desire to do. To recognize your talents and abilities and use them to improve wherever you are.